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At Egypt Import & Export, we believe that you need robust tires not only to keep your vehicle moving but also to maintain its durability. Hence, we bring the premium quality of tires from different countries across the Central Asia along with China, USA, and European nations. We strive to satisfy all the market needs with our complete range.

What Do We Offer in Tires?

We deal in every segment of tires including premium and medium class. We have a strong network of dealers that encompass our impeccable supply chain. We import the tires for passenger vehicles (PCR), trucks and bus radial (TBR), 4X4s, Commercial or Industrial Vehicles (OTR), Suburban Utility Vehicles (SUV), and light trucks.

Why Choose Us ?

The tires usually differ on the basis of their quality and technology. When buying them, you should focus on the key parameters like tread, compound, and carcass to ensure the latest technologies. At Egypt Import & Export, we strive to maintain the perfect balance of technology and quality in our products. We procure them from the leading producers and suppliers worldwide for the growing Egyptian automobile market.

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