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Spare Parts

Egypt is a burgeoning market for automobiles with a huge potential for growth. At Egypt Exports and Imports, we stepped into auto spare parts division with the sole aim of maintaining the highest standards of quality in all our products. We focused on bringing the impeccable workmanship for the Egyptian market with our strong supplier network and attributes like effective supply chain management and a comprehensive variety.

What we Import in Spare Parts?

We focus not only on the small cars and sedans but also on the trucks and heavy motor vehicles. Our range of products is wide and growing. We are trying to break the monopolistic practices by providing all these parts at highly competitive prices. You can also order the used spare parts with manufacturer’s warranty.

Why Choose Us ?

With the help of our supply chain agreements with reputable suppliers, we can offer a wide range of spare parts for the auto industry. You’ll find an effective system of procurement with our entire team committed to making it happen in every deal. We have a catalog of spare parts and accessories fit for every type, class, and model of vehicles running on the Egyptian roads.

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