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Tangarine Orange


Tangerine is quite similar to the orange. But comparatively, it is smaller and more aromatic than it. This fruit is easy to peel off and allured for its sweet flavour. We are the leading exporter of Egypt offering high-quality and fresh Tangerine almost throughout the year.

Nutritional Facts of Tangerine:

Tangerines are equally nutritious like oranges. It has fewer calories, fat, and cholesterol. This fruit is the perfect choice for the people who want to lose weight. A 100 g of tangerine contains only 50 calories and no cholesterol or fats. Amazingly, it is a rich source of dietary fibre and compensates nearly 8% of body needs. It has a high content of vitamins and minerals. Tangerines can fulfil the requirements of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Folate, Niacin, and Riboflavin vitamins.

Why Prefer Us?

We are an experienced and trusted exporter of Egypt. The export quality Tangerines are procured at our centre and delivered at best conditions within limited time.

  • We supply fresh and quality product
  • We offer clean and hygienic packaging
  • We export to various locations without any hassle
  • We’ve partnered with trustworthy cultivators to ensure authenticity

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