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Fresh Oranges

Oranges are the most beloved fruit in the Citrus family. Being a prominent exporter of fresh oranges in Egypt, we are committed to providing fresh oranges with their original taste and tang. We export high-quality fresh oranges directly from orchards packed with materials that retain their freshness. When you open these boxes, oranges are as fresh as if they are just plucked from the trees.

Nutritional Facts of Fresh Oranges:

Fresh oranges have extra vitamins and minerals as compared to ordinary ones. These citrus fruits offer a higher amount of nutrients. It is a rich source of Vitamin C. Apart from vitamin C, each fresh orange exported from Egypt (100 gms content) carries calories – 47, Water – 87%, Protein – 0.9 gm, Carbs – 11.8 gm, and Fat – 0.1 g. An export quality orange contains 184 gms of fiber and fulfils your 18% daily requirements of fibres.

Why Prefer Us?

We are a reliable exporter of fresh oranges in Egypt. We opt to supply only fresh and standard products produced with deep monitoring. Our produced fruits offer:

  • Absolutely natural color and taste
  • Seedless oranges for finest eating experience
  • Exclusively waxed to extend its shelf life
  • Brand label and hallmarking for assurance
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